Friday, July 02, 2004

bugaw ng libro

I adore my book pimp, Charles.

He's one of the few people with a rare combination of skill sets: good taste in books (and that's because he actually reads), procurement and logistic abilities, and unflagging determination (even if he has to hop, skip and jump to whatever bookstore anywhere in the Greater Manila area).

Recently, he got me (naku! utang pa 'to!) the Ware-edited McSweeney's hardcover I've been itching for and Gathering the Bones, the US/Aussie/UK anthology that impressed Datlow quite a bit.

But I guess book pimp is an incorrect term since I actually buy the books and do not grease them up and have them for a Short Time (or, in the parlance of Sogo Hotel, "Stay A While").

Which makes him a slaver instead. A White (paper) Slaver.

Thanks, Charles!


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