Monday, July 19, 2004

helpful hints

art direction/photography

1. Start with a concept.  This is the basic theme or metaphor that you want to build on.

2. Create a shot list.  This becomes your task list - stick to it.

3. Look for references or shot anchors.  This allows you visualize and plan for your shot.

4. Plan for lighting.  Even natural light must be planned for.

5. Be patient and flexible on site.  Sometimes, the best of intentions cannot save a shot.

6. Build a rapport with your photographer.  Do not treat him like a peon.

7. Be firm and authoritive - but reachable.  You're the head honcho, act like it.

8. If digital, take lots of shots.  This allows you to choose the best ones.

9. If working with people, lighten the mood.  Humor is important.

10. Have fun.  Even if you're working, there's no reason not to enjoy yourself.



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