Thursday, July 22, 2004

i love you, aubrey

The truth of the matter is, she's my #1 crush.

I felt bad when she launched her album and I couldn't make it to the venue.

So when I when I saw her today after taking the crew out to lunch, I... quavered like a school boy and rushed inside the elevator, perspiring from my proximity to the stuff of fantasy.

"Why don't you ask her for a picture least?" Bok said as we went up.

"Because I don't have my digicam, dammit!" I croaked.

"But I have this," Bok said, raising his camera-equipped cell phone.  God bless Nokia.

So we took the same elevator down and I approached her meekly, running through all the standard lines in my head, wanting to be debonair, clever and not too needy (or obviously prurient).

"Ah," I said with confidence.

Aubrey Miles looked up (she's a lot smaller than I thought) and smiled.  "Yes?"

"gakjhfdabyubb...?" I said, grinning and helplessly entangled by the weight of words.

"Yes," she nodded and smiled again as I sat next to her.  In the moment it took for Bok to take the shot, I entertained the notion of casually putting an arm around her shoulder.  But the moment passed, and like a giddy fangirl encountering her fave boyband, I went back to office and reflected on the silliness of crushes and how great it feels to act like an idiot young man again, smitten by something that jsut cannot be.

Ay, naku.


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