Monday, July 19, 2004

in search of...

intelligent conversation

I, for one, refuse to accept that life is all about inane talk, sweet nothings and vacuous blather.  Which is why sometimes I just need to get away from the banal and engage in intellectually stimulating conversation - because a mind is a poor thing to waste.
Topics need not be esoteric (though those are most welcome if the participants know what they're talking about), but simply interesting.  Anything that goes beyond the humdrum "What did you think of this movie?" or "Did you hear that X and Y broke up?" or even "Jim Lee's Superman sucks." 
No, no.  Give me more. 
Ask me why I think there is no true modern Filipino literature.  Ask me what steps I'd take to make the country more like Singapore or Communist China.  Ask me why a pantoum tickles my fancy.  Ask me why the Three Unities are important.  Ask me why YMO rocks.  Ask me about the hundred ways to cook an egg.  Ask me why Indian policemen are trying to grow and maintain their moustaches and beards.  Ask me what the Oort Cloud is.  Ask me why the Battle of Arbela is important.  Ask me about the line of genital-care products in the supermarket. 
Tell me the latest findings on Dark Matter.  Explain the form of the villanelle.  Show me the secret moves in the latest fighting game.  Tell me why the telephone works even in an outage.   Relate Smurfette's secret origin.  Tell me how to choose cognac, how to make my own ink, how to dress a chicken. 
Engage my mind with theories.  Coerce an argument from me - make me take a stand on a grey topic and defend it.  Slap my face with brilliance and make me beg for more.  Show me your latest fiction and make me drool with envy. 
Use your words like a razor and make me bleed.


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