Thursday, July 29, 2004

marco's vanishing ray

Marco, a good friend of mine, has an imaginary vanishing ray that he uses to wipe out scum of the earth (which may, at times, include pedestrians, taxi drivers, obstinate people, freaky fanboys and my best friend when he dawdles).

I need something like that to wipe out 95% of the condo I live in (there are some people I like, such as my household, and Ed and Amie).

Until tomorrow, only one elevator services the vertical needs of 36 floors of tenants. This has led to absurdly long lines, frayed tempers and sniveling children (who have spent approxiately half their young lives waiting).

I live on the 36th floor. I thought I'd have no problem going down because logically only residents of the 36th floor would want to go down. But no. People of the lower floors ride up anyway, so when the doors open I stare at a full elevator. My weird color-changing hair did not so much as budge them.

I decided to go home very late last night, around 10, thinking it would be a breeze. But no. There was still a line.

If not for the fact that a) I was in a good mood because of all the great news I've been receiving; and b) I had new comics from Vin, I would have killed everyone in sight, in an orgy of blood and violence.



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