Monday, July 26, 2004

puting buhok

It's the start of another work week and the final days of July, and there is a ton of stuff to do. However, the most important item that has asserted itself in my cluttered priority list is whether or not I should go ahead and have my hair dyed white.

I've been talking to Nikki about this for some time, but my fear of the acidic dyes ravaging my scalp has (so far) kept me from going for it. I've never liked my hair; I'm irked by its texture and color, which is why I used to keep it mowed down to almost nothing. But when I decided to grow my beard and moustache, I let my hair grow as well, almost as an afterthought, in sympathy.

Seeing Khavn's outrageous locks hammered my ambivalence into little bits. Granted, I do move in more corporate and formal circumstances, but what the fuck. I am who I am, and the color of my hair (like the accidental color of my eyes) does not change my abilities. So why even do it? Why not?

Let's see if I act on this impulse, given the shortage of time this week.


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