Thursday, July 01, 2004

shoot & site

Despite the fantastic winds blowing trees down and swirling helpless unachored people about, we went on with the photo shoot for the sports complex. I got to meet Angel and Mandy and the other models and we bonded as we did shot after shot all over the place - badminton, futsal, basketball, lubid and assorted beauty shots.

Directing models suspended in harnesses is quite challenging, since there is the swing factor and the layout is quite tiring. That's Angel on the left (these are my test shots, by the way - Pierre has the really cool ones).

I still don't like working with very young models, but the two kids I had for this one were charming, intelligent and took instruction well. I couldn't remember their names so I kept calling them by the ones printed on their basketball jerseys. And Mandy is just loved by the camera - he has no bad angles.

I had to coordinate my other work from the site, which killed my phone eventually. By the time we were done, my personal disinterest in sports was reaffirmed (I'd rather hav a ciggie in the rain, thank you). Exhausting but fun.

One of the things that made me happy this week is the creation of our company's website, just in time for the trade show this weekend. It's very small and simple (and you need a Flash player since we're still working on the html version) but it will give you a notion of just what we do (though we have changed our slant and spin since I first comissioned the site).


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