Saturday, July 31, 2004


old manila

Yesterday, I was at Intramuros, the heart of old Manila, to attend the opening of a new resto we helped design. It is like walking back in time - many of the buildings have maintained their historical facades, thanks to the efforts of civic-minded building owners and restorers.

It was kind of cool and sad to park in the gutted remains of a less fortunate building though. All that remained were the old perimeter walls, enclosing the muddy parking area. The past served to hide the garishness of technology, allowing one to imagine more kalesas (horse-drawn carts) and people in traditional baro't saya in the last days of Spanish rule.

I'm just glad hear that more restoration activities are underway - especially the great news about the Metropolitan Theater. After the Manila Jockey Club (that ship-shaped example of art noveau) was razed to the ground by Lito Atienza, I guess people took their advocacies to the next level.

It is important that we preserve what we can. We need to appreciate our history.


My hair has acquired the dullness of khaki (sheesh, my garment client will kill me - after reminding me many times that khaki is not a color) thus is more yellow than green.

Picture soon, I promise.


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