Monday, August 30, 2004

bee's knees

Sage surprised me at the office this morning, and, spotting the digicam, told me "Daddy, picture please." What followed was an impromtu photo shoot with my favorite model.

Sitting on the couch, we had hairy moments when my model-of-the-day kept losing her balance (I asked her to hold her knees then rest her chin on her arms). Undetered and laughing (because it was a lot of fun to tumble around the soft couch), Sage finally got her balance and began to pose. I'd instruct her to look this way and that, to look happy or sad and, like a professional model, she did it.

Our next layout involved a huge Vitra print as a backdrop. I have a number of lovely shots (man, I'm glad she takes after her mom!). I asked her to stand in front of the board and just be herself. And she did, cutting the session short when too many people came to ogle her.

A model, after all, needs her privacy.


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