Friday, August 27, 2004

best for less

Two buildings away from my office is a canteen that has a secret.

In this non-descript eatery is found the Holy Grail of Garlic Cheese Sandwiches.

Served pressed and toasted with butter on top, the creamy goodness of cheese melds with the tang of garlic to produce a truly awesome gastronomic experience.

The best part is this: it costs only P10, making it all the more incredible. You're okay with one, happy with two, a pig with three and really hungry with four.

repeat the feat

It seems actor Vandolph has a thing for serious vehicular mishaps.

A couple of years ago, he slammed into a truck in the North, resulting in an extended hospital stay for him. His girlfriend, riding shotgun, was less fortunate. She fell into a coma and died a month later.

This time, the vehicle he was driving along Katipunan dove into a huge construction ditch. In the car was girlfriend #2, who, thankfully, did not slip into a coma.

Oh, and his handlers were quick to reiterate that Vandolph was not drunk. At 3:30AM.


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