Tuesday, August 24, 2004

hit and run

Early this morning, we got news that Nikki's brother - actor Ricardo Cepeda - was in an accident. Through various phone calls and a visit to the hospital, we found Rick (with his actress wife, Snooky Serna) in relatively good condition (if you consider having a broken arm now set with titanium a good thing).

That night, he was riding his motorcycle down Katipunan Avenue when suddenly two cars zoomed down the road, in a frenetic race to only God-knows-where. One of the cars hit his bike, and Rick hurtled into the air before gravity and inertia took care of the rest. Dazed and hurting from a broken arm, Rick tried to crawl off the road, and was helped by a friendly Pizza Hut delivery guy (which is why, henceforth, we will patronize Pizza Hut despite the thick crust ickiness, because they have proven to do "more than the usual").

Two hospitals later, he had surgery, hounded by the gossip rags and newspeople from different channels.

I'm just glad he's alive. Too many people perish on their bikes.


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