Thursday, October 28, 2004

up and down


Once in a while, we are given an opportunity to reverse a decision or judgement. Normally, I'm against this for a variety of reasons, but sometimes it does make sense to do so, especially when you realize that the initial decision was really wrong.

It has just been emotionally taxing because I hate having to fire anyone and I had to fire two people in our household this week then rehire one of them - I actually can't explain everything that happened because it is all quite messed up. Suffice it to say that Nikki and I ultimately thought of what was best for Sage and for ourselves, hoping that we need not reverse this latest reversal.


We closed the pet store for a month while we build new counters and signage, assuming I eventually agree to the P100k being charged by our suppliers. Megamall is moving us a few meters away from our original spot, so this time we will have a wall instead of being a 4-sided kiosk.

I know that it's only temporary, but seeing the vacant space where my store once stood broke my heart.

A friend asked me what we did to all the animals we had in stock (while the shop is closed). Well, it's a bitch trying to return them to the various suppliers (we have different ones for different animals) but some did agree out of goodwill. The others are in various places (the day-old chicks are now free range chickens at my partner's backyard). Storing live inventory is never fun, since it involves maintainance and that means costs in terms of food and care. That, and the ever-present threat of spoilage (read: death).

But hey, that's the business.

silver lining

1. Seeing my name as one of the "rising writers" in Paula Guran's review of The Year's Best Fantasy & Horror Seventeenth Annual Collection in the October/November issue of Cinefantastique. I've read other reviews of the anthology online, but seeing it in print feels somewhat more real.

2. Watching Sage manipulate her Pikachu deal and make it sing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" - "pika pika pika pi..."

3. Playing Carcassonne with Nikki and wrestling victory from her evil evil hands once (she beat me the other times, the witch!).

4. "Believe What We Tell You" from Sleepless' new album, rock/metal/punk goodness - thanks, Jeremy!

5. Finding Seshiro the Anointed (now my wife will tremble before our snakey wrath).

6. A Hostess Twinkie and a ciggie at 4AM (still jetlagged).

7. Thinking about the upcoming long weekend.


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