Friday, April 01, 2005

blade for barter

While I'm under the effects of a willingly-taken anti-manga pill, let me strongly recommend Hai's latest work from Seven Seas: Blade for Barter.

Blade for Barter is the story of Ryusuke Washington, a private samurai for hire. He lives in New Edo, a hodgepodge city-state where New York City meets ancient Japan, where monolithic skyscrapers tower over ramshackle wooden huts, and salarymen and samurai walk side-by-side.

Along with his loyal dog Hachiko, our noble hero Ryusuke must deal with the likes of the corrupt Samurai Union, the Mafuza (a cross between the Italian mafia and the Yakuza); a Ninja Union of clumsy ninja; a sinister Zen monk televangelist, and more - not to mention the temper-tantrum prone Lord Hoseki, who rules New Edo with bejeweled fingers and an iron fist.

Story by Jason DeAngelis
Art by Hai!
Hai is one of the strongest creatives in the Siglo series and will humbly downplay all the good children's literature he's been writing (and he has the Palancas to swat you on the head if you look funny.

Available at US bookstores and Comicquest.


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