Monday, May 16, 2005

giving in to object lust

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There. I got it. The Luddite in me is sobbing in a corner in complete shock and disbelief, while the rest of me goes gaga over the device in glee. I can't help it. This thing is amazing (plus is worth a gazillion "pogi points" - haha).

Thanks to my good friend Marco, my techno-pimp, I now have an O2 Xda2. It's a pocket computer slash everything, and I mean everything - phone, camera, video recorder, email, word, excel, powerpoint, media player, pocket tv, it's so crazy and I'm in love.

I just need to adjust to non-finger texting and angst over just how I intend to carry it (I have deep issues with a belt holster).

The best part is the rationale for buying this thing: I need it for my business. Yup, that's my line, my justification, my ironclad reason. Because clients need to be impressed. Because I need to beam a powerpoint to a bluetooth projector or somesuch. Because it makes me appear as if my agency can perform whatever tasks the client wants - by virtue of the fact that the boss (me) has a funky thing.

Right. ;)


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