Wednesday, May 04, 2005

idol thoughts

I have a sick feeling that Scott Savol will still be there next week. I haven't watched the performance show (it's only 4pm and we see it at 10:30pm), but I can guess the line up tomorrow.

Bottom three: Federov (sorry Rickey), Scott and Vonzell.

Then it's bye-bye Anthony or Vonzell (most likely Vonzell because the Fedoration will save Anthony, perhaps).

Carrie seems untouchable, and Bo has enough votes now despite the fact that everything he sings sounds the same and he has no range (sorry wife, sorry k8). But between them, I'd rather Bo win. He's less boring. He can even bring along his imaginary friend, the mike stand.

It seems unthinkable that Scott had more votes than Constantine, but that's what makes the show interesting.

Will Scott ever go? Or is he like my amoebiasis - stuck for life?

Ryan asked Scott what he thinks is going to happen tomorrow night to which Scott calmly replied, “I’m probably going to have start thinking about what I’m going to sing next week.”

Please no.


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