Friday, May 13, 2005

poh! poh! poh! poh!

Why, for the past few days, does it seem to rain everywhere else in Manila except for where I happen to be? One of my employees in Marikina even had problems with a flash flood, for heaven’s sake. Marco danced in it half-naked, sadly thinking he was in one the TVCs he writes. My own business partner came in with a wet umbrella.

I mean, come on!

While I sometimes like heat, this personal Thomas-Covenant-style-Sun-of-Oppression is too much (arg - how I loathe that series). This morning, I spent more than hour in sweltering traffic to get to a meeting – the cab’s air conditioner was just too overwhelmed. By the time I got there, I was not a pretty sight. I relied on wit and charm (and the men's restroom and the abundant toilet paper) to convince my client that my "fresh" look was intentional. Gah.

I do not glow like my wife. I do not simply sweat. I drip, trailing water lines down my shaved head. If I sit still, I end up in a puddle of liquid. I could single-handedly end a drought if my perspiration were consumable (and the tragic thing is that I think my daughter inherited my sweat genes, the poor thing).

So where is the relief? Where is the rain? Give me rain!

I have only one recourse, and that is to take a page from my magickal friend Jason who appropriated a poem from Vin and transformed it into a spell to summon rain.
Poh! Poh! Poh! Poh!
Mount Pinatubo exploding....
Aquaman on his horse-fish....
What is the sound of an empty 1.5L bottle of Coke light?
Charm on!
Edgar Allan Poh....
Poh! Poh! Poh! Poh!

By itself, Vin's poem is brilliant, and as for the magick, well, I’m willing to shout out “Poh! Poh! Poh! Poh!” before I am desiccated beyond redemption.

Come, rain!

Poh! Poh! Poh! Poh!


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