Saturday, May 14, 2005

posts of note

The Filipino blogsphere is filled with interesting folk. Over the past week, I've learned from, been entertained by, nodded in agreement with, or admired the writing of quite a handful:

Clair, Marcelle and Sean serve up my comeuppance here, here and here - and they had me in stitches. For those not in the know, I used suman latik as an example in my iBlog talk - and apparently, it proved to be quite sticky. It's a conspiracy, I tell you. But a rather yummy one. Gah - now I want some.

The Bee Box Girl dives into guerilla writing with wonderful results.

Milkphish of Bughaw wrote informatively about anting-antings; a perfect read for someone like me.

Buddy takes advantage of his background in metallurgical engineering to reimagine a better Sulfara (a Darna villainess) in his Skythologies: Neutralizing Sulfura. This is great stuff, and when I push through with a new comics anthology that features heroes, he will have to deal with me. Seriously.

Gigi is quickly becoming one of my favorite writers because of her lucid tone and engaging voice. You should read her two latest entries in particular: one about the one who got away, and one about the will to change. And she taught me a thing or two about describing scents - so now I can bluff my way and say "Fougère" and "Chypre" with the best of them.

Jove and I share similar viewing habits, and his blog is a must when I'm in the mood for American Idol and the recently ended Amazing Race - but why no Survivor? Meanwhile, over at Rickey's, the Fedoration is reeling with the elimination of their idol while the "Bonzells" (Bo-Vonzell final two believers) hope against hope as the red carpet is prepped for Carrie (if you want downloadable Idol music and videos, Rickey's in a class of his own).

Vin relates a pair of funny anecdotes about language, Oliver reviews the latest Star Wars film (spoilers there, so be warned), and my wife struggles with lust (feature lust, you naughty people, you).

Wish I had more time to visit more.


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