Monday, October 24, 2005

the craft century

One of the comic book anthos the gang put together for release in December is called Project: Hero. It's a tip of the hat to the Silver Age and the sense of wide-eyed wonder that got all of us loving comics in the first place.

My story is a bow to the Legion of Superheroes. The Craft Century live in the distant future (the 36th century, to be precise), and are composed of 100 young heroes possessed of unique powers. Through teamwork and derring-do, this bunch of good-hearted kids represent the best and brightest of tomorrow. Each is codenamed after an ancient Earth “craft” or skill (Numeric, Danseur, Soldier, Mariner, Archivist, Mendicant, Hunter, Chirurgeon, etc.). The Craft Century has a hundred members, which gave my artistic collaborator a near heart attack. Here's a peek at the first two panels (incomplete because more people appear in them).
Image hosted by

What to expect from my little tale? Membership tryouts, time travel, mistaken identity, lots of superpowers and, well, a broken heart (it just wouldn't be an Alfa story without that now, would it?).

Thanks, El!


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