Saturday, October 22, 2005

gaiman on filipino unrealism

“There is a strong tradition of Filipino realism in literature; I want to encourage Filipino unrealism.” - Neil Gaiman

All I can say at this time about the upcoming 1st Philippine GRAPHIC/FICTION AWARDS is that I am so happy that the two awards will be named after each genre's strongest Filipino exemplars: Alex Nino (for comics) and Greg Brilliantes (for genre fiction).

I'm sorry I can't release any of the contest details until Fully Booked does, but let me reiterate that its real and it will have a mid-December submission deadline (and that there will be more than just one winner per category). And that at the end of all things, there will be a truly stunning end product... I kid you not.

Stand by for more details when I get the "go-signal" to go all out with what I know.


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