Wednesday, December 21, 2005

upended days and nights

1. Manila - Nagoya

One of the wonderful discoveries Kate shared with us was the name of one of the cab drivers she trusts. So rather than coordinate with someone else to drive the car (remember the one I never drive?), we arranged for Mr. Bronson to pick up us in the wee hours of the morning. Sage told her Ate Lhen that she'll always remember her, and I told Ric (Ricardo Cepeda, Nikki's brother) to take care of our home while we're away (though he insists I gave the go-ahead for some raucous parties).

In line, we made friends with Angel, an American who came to Manila to train some call center folk but ultimately lost his heart, falling madly in love - not with the country but with a woman. We smoked our last desperate cigarettes in the P560/head lounge (what a rip-off!) and scattered our lighters in everything we carried. In the past, zealous people have confiscated our lighters, making lighting a needed ciggie all the more difficult.

I was a bit worried about Nagoya, since the previous days flight was delayed due to severe snow. Based on past experiences (although sounding hilarious when I recount them) I do not ever want to be stranded in any part of Japan. It's just too expensive.

We barely had time for a smoke before it was time to board again, Sage happily leading the way, having weathered her first conscious flight with flying colors (during her previous flights in the past, she wasn't really aware). It was time for the dreaded long haul to Detriot (soon, as I just got called away...)


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