Friday, December 23, 2005

upended days and nights

nagoya - detroit

I really really hate long haul trips. Each time I do it, I find myself at the edge of killing myself from the sheer length of the trip. I go to sleep, wake up and I'm still in the plane. Repeat multiple times. It is not something conversation, a book, 4 inflight films or all the games on my PDA can affect.

Also, Sage was quite the traveler, keeping both of her parents up with all sorts of questions and stuff. I must say though, that we are very fortunate t have such a well-behaved girl - no tears, no tantrums, no issues. Except that I cannot wait until she can read, so she can entertain herself once in a while - a critical skill in a long ride with someone like me, whose paternal good nature is sadly finite because of the enforced cigarette deficiency. What made me smile though was how my 3 year-old would glare at the two other kids nearby whenever they made the slightest noise, roughly at the same time I would turn to look in irritation (I know, as a parent traveling with a child I'm supposed to be understanding, but honestly, I simply cannot stand the sound of children bawling for any reason, and yes, I suppose this makes me an ogre, but what the fuck).

The duration of the trip just made me miserable and I could not wait to get to Detroit, brightening up only whenever I was given food (another sad confession: I think I am one of the seven people in the world who are delighted by airline food - in their cutey little containers and bland glory). When we got to Detroit, we zoomed past immigration (well, except for Nikki, who, for a moment, got a thrill when the official asked her if she had another alias and had prior difficultly entering the US - of course, her fantasy of being a spygirl blossomed in those tiny moments), rechecked our luggage, and went to the lone oasis for smokers in the airport: Fox Sports Bar (our next leg was not scheduled for another three hours, so we had plenty of time).
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Let me tell you, we just blissed out on nicotine and quickly regained the niceties we lost over the course of the hellishly long transpacific flight. We spent the rest of the time looking at books, ridng the trains, eating and sprawling on the carpet next to our assigned gate. When the announcement that we'd be delayed for another hour was made, Sage decided enough was enough and finally (finally!) went to sleep. Nikki and I fatalistically accepted our lot in life (and man, it was -11C in Detroit) and waited for the final leg of the non-Amazing Race, Family Edition.


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