Monday, January 16, 2006

couch potato season

Smoke from Lost

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Kate from Lost

Though not as fervid as pal Rickey, I am so looking forward to these shows, beginning this week: American Idol 5, Lost: Season 2, Survivor: Exile Island, Project Runway and Entourage. Oh, and America's Next Top Model because I am Tyra fan.

I'll catch the first two on local TV (yes, I'm now a devotee of ABC 5's stunningly anatomically incorrect newscaster - okay, so she has a really big, big head, but I love her now, so back off), and get the rest from the pirates (which is how I'm only 1 episode behind the US with Lost - no, I haven't seen the wonderful Mr. Eko ep - but will soon). My supplier, Horny Devil (heh), provided me also with all of Rome, one of my fave series with excellent writing, acting, directing, editing and design (though the finale was rather rushed and a bit of a let down).

So now, all my work and writing need to be scheduled around these shows :)


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