Tuesday, April 18, 2006

say that you love me

Ian had this ticklish idea of Googling in the phrase "I love (your name) because", choosing what you like and then posting it. So out of supreme conceit, here are my Top Ten:

I love Dean because he doesn’t have the drummer’s hair from Yellowcard (In fact, I feel like I've had this semi-kal look forever - but it's not true; in my post college days I had a ponytail)

I love Dean because I think he can win (Well, honestly, most of the time I do want to win, but I'm not so utterly persuaded of my own powers to think I can win all the time; but I will put up a good fight because I love competition)

I love dean because he's so hot and sweet (Um, okay)

I love Dean because he stands up for something and has a backbone (My blog tagline used to read "opinionated bastard" - I should restore it LOL)

I love Dean because he is so cute, so cuddly, and so fuckable (Gah)

I love Dean because he tells the truth (Haha, not all the time)

I love Dean because Osama endorses him (Please tell me it's not that Osama)

I love Dean because maybe before I die I will actually be insured and be able to go to the doctors office for a full physical (Hookay, whatever rocks your boat)

I love Dean because he is absolutely pragmatic (Well, not "absolutely", but pretty much so; I'm not a fan of rose-colored glasses - they make my eyes hurt)

I love Dean because he's okay w/ me dressing as a whore (A woman after my heart - and direct from Yahoo)

And while we're at it, here are some reasons I'm reviled:

I hate Dean because I am pretty sure he is an abortionist (Actually, I'm pro-life, but defer to the choice of the woman involved and do not make further judgments)

I hate Dean because he likes her (Well, too bad)

I hate Dean because I'm stupid and I wanted to be his lover but he ... (I what? What did I do? Don't leave me hanging here!)


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