Tuesday, May 23, 2006

the hinirang novel?

Three years ago, I thought about writing a novel set in Hinirang - the reimagined Spanish-Era Philippines. I went as far as jotting down notes and throwing plot elements against a wall to see what looked interesting. These are what remained stuck on the walls of mind after so long:

One of the lost Tres Hermanas (the three divine sisters worshipped by the Ispancialo conquerors);
the manculam Ai'ai'sin and her devastating riddles;
a group of explorers who stumble into the complex machinations of the Circulo Ultima;
a Tiq'barang detective;
and the last adventure of Huseng Langit, the Giant Slayer of the North.

With Salamanca under my belt, I'm more confident now of writing something like this. Unabashed wonder and adventure and magic (which, of course, is called salamanca). I have a scene with airships battling over Taal Volcano...

So, when? In bits in pieces, I think. Until I can allocate a goodly amount of time, it will have to take its place in the totem pole of things. And right now, fiction-wise, the short stories are more clamorous, so demanding. And there might be a different novel requirement in the next couple of months - so we'll see.

But the best part, the kicker, is: this looks like fun.


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