Monday, June 19, 2006


Yesterday was Father's Day, which Sage interpreted as something equivalent to my birthday. We had planned to spend the day outside, looking for videos, visiting bookstores, dining and generally bumming around, but a very pleasant sense of lethargy took over us and we lounged around the house instead (though at first I thought I was getting sick, since the inactivity bothered me initially).

Sage and I cut out parts of birds out of a variety of colored paper and assembled them - in flight, at rest, singing. For a 4 year old, her manual dexterity is commendable. She knows how to wield her scissors carefully, cutting around edges and corners with great skill. She only got exasperated when she tried to cut out her drawing of a multi-pointed sun which even I had difficulty getting right. Soon birds were everywhere (as well as a lot of discarded colored paper, like failed confetti).

We ordered in - pizza and chicken - and gorged ourselves while watching Simpsons DVDs (Season 17 is a hoot), but only after we picked out all the green pepper on the pizza. Up to this point, I don't see why people put green pepper on pizza, apart from the aesthetic angle. There are ways to enjoy green pepper (stuffed, for instance), but on pizza it's just bitter and irritating. Instead, we praised the mushrooms. Mushrooms are good.

I heard my laptop calling to me throughout the day: "Hey! Hey you! Get your ass over here and finish the stories you started! Bastard!"

But I was too immersed in love to care.


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