Tuesday, December 19, 2006

music for kestrel

My business partner and I decided to give all our employees iPods for Christmas, in addition to the bonuses. It's part of our business philosophy to share the benefits of a good year - and it was worth seeing the smiles on their faces. Each person deserved it for their hard work and team spirit (believe me, you need all the good team spirit you can muster in an industry like ours).

And besides, we all love music.

I got myself one too - which lasted for one afternoon. As soon as I got home, Nikki persuaded me to trade my pretty new Nano for her iPod Video to which I happily acquiesed (I was ensorcelled by the ginormous space and the video capacity).

So now my pockets are truly filled. On the left, the iPod, cigarettes and lighter. On the right, my PDA. And my wallet at the back. When I lug my laptop and camera, I'm Mr. Techie haha.



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