Wednesday, December 06, 2006


I was the roving photographer (and my wife's best accessory) at the Ateneo Library of Women's Writings unveiling of its New Stars - The Now Generation of Filipino Women Writers, last week at the Ateneo de Manila University in Quezon City.

As I walked around taking pictures of the event, I griped to Krip Yuson ("why, during my time, was there never anything like this?"); rolled eyeballs with Sarge Lacuesta (we were just together a few days ago, judging the fiction entries for UST); ribbing Jimmy Abad (because Cyan sent him in her stead and she's much prettier); putting Story Philippines editor Jade Bernas on the spot, again ("So, when is the next issue coming out?"); exchanging stories with Aparna Halpe (a visiting scholar from the University of Toronto); and being generally delighted and stunned by the event itself (they had banners for each of the New Stars - and Nikki, of course, was the most beautiful).

Okay, now with my obvious envy out of the way, here are some pics.

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The New Stars

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Nikki with her giant banner. I'm going to ask for it so I can set up a shrine at home.

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Greg Brilliantes (I'm still intimidated and haven't managed to ask him directly for a story for my next antho - gah)

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Krip Yuson, the other photographer and supportive dad (his daughter, Mirava, was one of those honored)

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Nikki Alfar and Aparna Halpe. I met with Aparna the next day and spent an afternoon talking spec fic, postcolonial head/heartaches and why the sense of wonder is important.

Here's the list of the now generation of Filipino Women Writers:

Cyan Abad-Jugo
Francis Alcaraz
Nikki Alfar
Christine S. Bellen
Rica Bolipata-Santos
Becky Bravo
Conchitina Cruz
Nerisa del Carmen Guevara
Mookie Katigbak
Fran Ng
Jema M. Pamintuan
Girl Valencia
Mirava Yuson



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