Wednesday, December 06, 2006

street fighter...later

Like David (from whom I read about this), I spent a lot of tokens Street Fighting. My three best characters were the kickass Chun Li (using moves that we christened "step kick" and "helicopter"), the masked Vega (in the old days, his aerial attack was devastating - until we learned that Chun Li could catch and throw him in midair), and... Dhalsim (setting up a leg stretch kick/flame combo was wicked). It's one of those games that I cannot help but play if I see an old console or arcade machine lying around. Heck, I even hosted the championships of the game at Robinsons Galleria years and years ago (when you could smoke while playing - it was heaven).

Check out these hilarious minifilms, set 10 years later...



With, hopefully, more to come.

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