Monday, February 19, 2007

love story outline

1. Boy meets Girl
* let's set it in college, say UP, in 1990's (setting is important; we can reference music, etc.)
*Boy is a senior, Girl is a freshman (so that we can play with tension)
*Boy is leader of the org, Girl is applicant
*Boy is in relationship with Girl2 who claims to have terminal illness (so we have more tension), who is also a member of the org
*Girl is in relationship with Boy's Best Friend.

2. Boy and Girl fall in love
*But Boy is still trapped in the relationship with the terminally ill Girl2
*Girl is still in relationship with Boy's Best Friend
*The secret attraction is strong but Boy does not move

3. Hijinks ensue
*Money and possessions begin to vanish at the org hangout, including tuition fees, shoes, etc.
*Girl breaks up with Boy's Best Friend, hangs out with Boy's barkada
*Terminally ill Girl2 is revealed to be A) fabricating her illness, and B) the thief, stealing all the money and objects not just at the org but in various members' houses that she and the Boy visit
*Boy breaks up with faux terminally ill Girl2
*Boy is broken and shamed by actions of Girl 2

4. Love montage
*Small vignettes as Boy and Girl get closer to each other
*Boy and Girl do not act on their attraction because of Boy's Best Friend (hmm, let's make him a National Judo Champion)... but it is too strong
*Boy and Girl share first kiss at an empty house's poolside where for once they are alone
*They get together - Girl realizes Boy is too paralyzed to move
*Word of their relationship spreads - people take sides

5. The threat
*Boy's Best Friend (the National Judo Champion) demands satisfaction
*Boy, armed only with words, goes to meet him (build up tension)
*The anticipated fight turns out well (so there is power in words after all; and the Boy and Boy's Best Friend remain friends)

6. The proposal
*BOY: Marry me
*GIRL: Sure. When?
*BOY: How about next week?

7. Time shift to a year and half later, 1995
*Boy and Girl get married

Still needs tightening and dramatic focus, corrections on timeline, more texturing... as fiction.

But real life is real life. I am just glad to be a principal in the story.

Happy Birthday, Girl. It'll be 12 years of marriage this year - and I will always be your Boy.

I love you.



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