Thursday, March 29, 2007

all things brown and beautiful

PinoyCentric, a Chicago-based but Pinas-grounded Web publication that celebrates everything Filipino, has reprinted "Old House" - which, of course, makes me happy (this post's title is their tagline, which reminds me of the old James Herriot books I used to read).

I'm scheduled to sit with Karla Maquiling, their Philippine Bureau Chief, in the next couple weeks for an Innerview (quite a bit intimidating - look at who they've featured previously: Shiela Coronel and Newsbreak's Luis Liwanag).

I'll go full advocacy mode, natch. Go, Pinoy Spec Fic!

While on the topic of Filipino food (see how my mind worked the connection: "all things brown and beautiful" = "Filipino food like adobo, yum"), I survived my first actual day behind the counter at Binalot. It was funny because I felt so stressed, especially during the lunch rush. And usually I'm the irate customer on the other side, but today I was silently pleading with the fates that nothing goes wrong. Gah. So much to learn! Tiring but fun.

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