Thursday, April 19, 2007

beach time

Everyone in my company has been working hard so our company outing tomorrow for an overnight stay at a beach resort is truly welcome.

I'm bringing wife and daughter, of course (and no one is more excited than Sage, who, for the past couple of weeks, has been assembling her "beach things", which include her swimsuit, sunblock, pail, shovel, waterwings, V-Smile Pocket and who knows what else).

Truthfully, on a percentile scale, the thought of beach vacation triggers around 10% of my interest. I'm not really a surf and turf, outdoorsy kind of guy. But if you tell me that next to beach is a wonderful hotel where I'll have an air-conditioned room, access to a spa, restos to choose from and competent hotel magazine/book store - well, my excitement is only eclipsed by Nikki's delight.

Yes, while Sage and everyone else - including her Ninong Vin, who loves the sea - splash about in the sea, Nikki and I plan to read. Or maybe even write (I keep trying to do this: write during a vacation with other people even though it impossible to make time to do so. It only works when I'm on my lonesome where no one can disturb me - yes, I'm grumpy that way). And definitely eat.

I'm hungry already.

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