Wednesday, April 09, 2008

we *heart* ranma

Over the weekend, I got myself multiple episodes Ranma 1/2 - one of the very very very few anime series that I enjoyed back in college (because honestly, a lot of it is poorly written drivel). I remembered the cleverness of the series and the over-the-top characterizations that somehow manages to still be very human and quite engaging.

Nikki and I started watching, and our laughter attracted Sage who eventually sat in - and fell in love with the show. Now my daughter is an addict to a show whose main character is sometimes male, sometimes female (depending on the temperature and availabity of water). She loves Ranma (the boy) of course and hopes he gets together with Akane, dislikes Ryoga but finds P-Chan insanely cute, and despises Kodachi the Black Rose, the maniacal rhythmic gymnastics martial artist who happens to be my favorite character.

It's wonderful how the material can still provoke me to laughter- and now I get to share it with Sage.



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