Monday, February 16, 2009

valentine girl + eating

Sage turned 7 on Valentine's Day (I keep telling her that she's her parents' love child). Her special request: a rockout party at Red Box where she belted out Katy Perry (it makes me grimace when, at the start of "Hot n Cold", she says the word for the female dog), Shontelle and others. Rowan bounced to all the singing (yet another crooner-in-the-making) while the older kids pigged out (the white fish was delicious).

The next day, we had lunch at my mother's then met all her cousins (on Nikki's side) at Outback where mountains of food were served, then dinner at Pancake House where Sage amazed us with her Speed-stacking prowess.

Bloated and happy, I still find it hard to believe that she's seven. Part of me is a little sad because I feel the inexorable passage of time. But then again, I always feel like this when I think of Sage. I hope to be around for all the other important events in her life.



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