Monday, September 30, 2002

question (8 of 100)

Q: Okay, for some God-awful reason, you must decree the eradication of 3 animals on Earth (and not have to worry about the imbalance of food chains, biodiversity or protests from various NGOs). What 3 animals would go bye-bye forever?

A: Easy. All the snakes, cockroaches and centipedes in the world. (I'll have you know, Nikki, that I did not select sharks out of great love for you. You can condemn frogs on your own time.) Naturally, I approach my answers to this question based on ickiness factor, because a more rational answer would include malaria-bearing mosquitos and various viruses (if they can be considered animals). Snakes are not just icky, they're real bad news, with their bites and reticulated strangulations and creepy slithering. Cockroaches, especially flying ones, simply must go - I foresee no advocacy for their total annihilation. As for the centipedes, well, they're poisonous and they way they move is just too much for a fragile mind to bear.


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