Monday, March 24, 2003

the hurting

I just got back from an excruiciating photo shoot - not because of the photo shoot, but because of my back. I can tell you without a doubt that I've never felt pain like this before. It sucks, it realy does.

Walking home from Galleria was a challenge. I had to stop every few steps because it jsut became absurdly painful, which is truly sad for a person like me who has the pain tolerance of jello.

Crossing the street was a black comedy, as my timing was completely off and I tempted more injury by offering a delicious target to motorists in a hurry to get wherever the hell they were going.

Finding a spot on the crowded condo elevator to go home was equally distressing. I actually considered faking collapse so that people, in sympathy, would give me a spot. But instead I elbowed my way through as usual, though the grimace on my face was not due to my customary irritation at stupid people but a candid rendition of "agony through gritted teeth".

I felt sad that I could bend down to kiss my daughter, much more carry her in my arms like I always do. Sage sensed that there was something amiss because she tried to give me a massage like her mother did (though, in Sage's case, this consisted of throwing her entire body on my back).


So I guess I have to go to the doctor's, unless I wish to do the wheelchair scene. I know its not that bad, but my god it certainly feels like it. Never again, I tell you. I've learned my lesson with the silly raised barbell thingie. I will remember to think before I do anything like that again.

What a day.


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