Monday, March 24, 2003

sage and back pain

Sage thumped at the door absurdly early to let us know that her new milk had disagreed with her. Poor kid's tummy was upset, so we shift back to her old milk. Sometime though we need to change milk again because she can't have the same thing forever. It's a just a matter of finding something she isn't allergic to. Hopefully, it will also be less expensive. Believe me, when your daughter consumes an entire can of milk in less than a week, everything counts - even the 20% savings off the can I used to sneer at matters.

I stupidly hurt my back upstairs this morning because someone left the bench press thingie in the highest position with a set of heavy weights. So, without thinking, Iifted the damn thing onto my shoulders like a powerlifter and down to knees then slowly to the floor (because I hate dropping weights). Anyway, nothing hurt (no doubt because whatever pain was masked by my irritation at people who just leave things without restoring them to the proper place for the use of others) and I did my own thing. But afterwards as I moved around the office, I felt this searing jolt of localized pain in the small of my back. That's what I get for not thinking. So I'll endure this thing for a while until it becomes unbearable. If it does, then its off to the doctor or chiro (I hope not though, the last thing I need right now is more expenses to handle).

I wanted to stay home and watch the Oscars, but, well, we can't always do what we like.


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