Sunday, April 03, 2005

kia meet and greet

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*photo credits: (top) Marco D.; (bottom) Gerry A.

Over pizza and chiken at Shakey's, Team KIA celebrated the long-awaited release of Agent K's first anthology. It was like a horde of really hungry people swept over an inept resto and ate them out of house and home, including Vin, El, Nikki and Andrew. I was happy to meet Marvin del Mundo, whose art I really liked, as well as talk a bit with Jennyson, who, like the absent Hai, has a new book coming out from Seven Seas.

It is always a treat to talk to Gerry Alanguilan, who showed me the ubercool stamps that had images of local comic books. I'm so delighted that I think I'll write to the Postmaster General - if Gerry hasn't already.

Arnold and Cynthia Arre, whom we haven't seen in a long time, were there too. Arnold is coming up with a remastered edition of Mythology Class, which made me think about doing something about the incomplete The Lost. Arnold still has all the original art for my book, so now, again, it is a matter of funding. Within the next couple of years, we should also see Arnold's Martial Law Babies. And maybe a bouncing Arre baby as well ;)

There was a lot of table talk that spilled over from the resto back to Comic Quest, as more creatives came over to congratulate KIA's mastermind, Marco Dimaano. Oliver Pulumbarit, Jonas Diego, Jac Lim Ting, Budgette Tan, Ruel de Vera and more crowded in and took an assassin home. And Hai and Jeremy! I told Marco to Fedex you guys your share of the pizza.

So kudos, all, and especially to Marco! Thanks for the chance to write and eat!


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