Sunday, June 05, 2005


The camera of my Pocket PC is nowhere near as nice as my Canon, but it isn't that bad. It's great for guerilla photoshoots, but for more serious shots, there's a reason why a camera is a camera first, and not an added feature.

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My pet store, Petty Pets, at SM Megamall. Within the week, I'm adding Ant Farms and Azoo Palm Aquariums.

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One of the issues that weighs heavily on my mind is that of the unpopular bunny. Some rabbits are just not desirable to customers, for a variety of reasons. These bunnies are left unloved and unpuchased and grow bigger and bigger in the hutch. What to do?

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From a taxi cab, encouraging me to report any "turpitude manners". I was so delighted at encountering an uncommon word for "depravity"(even if the noun is forced to act as an adjective) that I forgive the anti-smoker signage.

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Sage asking me to buy her a paint brush. It had to be pink, of course.

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Sage with her favorite ninong (godfather) Vin, along with Cthulhu and Nyarwhateverlopthep.

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Nikki, my wife. Mwraow.


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