Saturday, October 19, 2002


A few days ago, a couple of bombs exploded in Zamboanga (south of Manila) and killed a number of people.

A few hours ago, a bomb detonated inside a bus filled with people and killed several and hurt more.

Manila and other cities in the Philippines are on the edge, and all around me people are asking the same question.

Why is this happening?

This is just wrong.

I do not know exactly what I can do by myself but I refuse to take this sitting down.

This has to end.

This has to stop.

I refuse to live in fear.

I refuse to let my children live in the shadow of terror.

But how? In what way?

These are works of evil men, stripped of their very humanity, of any hope of redemption. Beyond any ideology, beyond any possible reason, beyond mercy.

They are murderers and cowards and fiends.

I refuse to be a passive silent faceless potential victim.



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