Tuesday, October 01, 2002

stroke – a zine in progress

Today, Dindo and I decided to create an underground zine called “stroke”, printed on a single huge sheet of paper (A2) in either full-color or B&W with a single spot color (blue or red). So you get a publication smaller than your palm which expands to large proportions. Mini-features and deconstructed articles run the gamut of little things that would appeal to the snotty underground feeling-in young crowd who are not adverse to a little fun (at their own expense, of course). I’m getting a quote for paper and ink so we can just publish it at the office.

“Stroke. It gets bigger.”

laughter of the gods

Tricksters have been part of many a culture’s mythos, serving to remind both mortal and immortal alike about the value of not taking themselves so seriously. Cosmic reminders may take the form of humor, humiliation or pain, and teach us to laugh at ourselves, confront us with the fruits of arrogance or show us the we are not invincible.

Whether or not these trickster spirits exist, comeuppance still occurs with regularity, proving somewhat that while it is an unfair universe, someone out there has a sense of humor - which is why camels exist.

So watch your step. Mind your hubris.

And every now and then, expect a pie in the face.

baka delivery service

On that note, let me share one of my company's projects with you. First off, I am usually careful not to mention my clients by name, but this just takes the cake (and being good friends, I know they know I mean no harm). This client is a freight forwarding company and among the various materials we're doing for them is a calendar with images they provided. What you see is the proposed cover. What tickles me is that it shows that they will get your package anywhere in rural Philippines by any way possible. The sad part is that it makes our country look so sadly third world - but what can you do but smile at the reality and make the best of it? My initial tendency was to hide the cow and show a truck instead, but why hide the truth? The target market are people in the countrysides and this image rings truer than any sexier layout I suggest. Now I just need to decide if I remove the dog in the lower right hand side.

TxTMen speak

Hah! I’m done with the translation I’ve been working on for Jason. It was an interesting experience because everything I held dear as an editor was challenged by my role as a translator. As editor I do my utmost to protect the voice of the writer. As a translator, you need to do that, yes, but the priority is getting the message out in the second language. Certain idioms, figures of speech and metaphors translate poorly and have to be reworked in the context of the new milieu, sometimes necessitating the addition of new phrases and previously absent structures. Filipino words tend to be much longer than English, extending meaning, tense and tone by means of adding syllables. In the end, I chose to retain some English terms, like “transliteration” because there simply existed no Filipino analog. So it’s off to Nikki for editing (let’s see how she does that – but old habits die hard) and then it’s off to Jason. Check out the cover on his site!


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