Friday, October 18, 2002

a sudden diaspora

In an odd unexpected show of solidarity, a lot of the people in our regular writer/artist coterie have gone or are about to go abroad albeit for various reasons.

Camille is based in Colorado but traipses all over the US.

Jason is currently in Singapore.

Cynthia left today for Japan.

Nikki and I are going to New York (and hopefully Las Vegas to see my dad and our old friends Pauline & Dino and their son, Dylan).

Dino Yu is going off to India for god-knows-what reason.

And Marco has Kuwait in his sights.

What a bunch of travellers. If only we could travel together (come on, Vin! What happened to our plans for Angkor Wat?)

At the very least, we can count on a hoard of pasalubong (souvenirs) from each other!


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