Thursday, October 03, 2002


We landed a great account this morning, a digital/below-the-line campaign for the launch of an apparel company's latest product. We're working in tandem with the client's ad agency, their PR people and their Events Management folk, fitting nicely into our own niche. I'll be using the concept of blogs as part of the digital campaign and see how it goes. For the print portion, I'm thinking of using my concept for "stroke", the unfolding zine and/or comics with the artistry of my friends. I have to have the entire plan in a few days time. What I like about this campaign is the fact that the client wants us to be a "tastefully disturbing" as possible. In this, as in most things I handle, content is the key.

letting go

I spoke to the employee I had to let go this afternoon, and despite my mental preparation, I was in tears by the time I told him the bad news. What touched me was that he was comforting me and thanking me for giving him work in the first place, telling me not to worry about him.

I really abominate this part of business, this heartbreaking part of running the show. I do not know how other bosses handle it, but for me its like tearing my heart out. I 'd rather face David Blaine pulling string out from his gut in person.

So by the end of the month, my company will be less two employees and we shift towards a more rational outsource model.

Is this the right thing to do? i won't know until I try it, will I?


Jason's comic book, Baylans, will be reimagined and redone in trade paperback format. This is great news for our little community, and wonderful news for Jason, who gets to do his book in a manner that allows his style and ideas to breathe. TextMen is also coming along nicely.


Marco has posted a few preview images from "Immacolata: Fury of Hinirang", for the little group project we're completing sometime this month. I can't wait to see the full-colored pages of her adventures, barely hinted at in the pages of my own comic book, The Lost.

I love comics!


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