Tuesday, March 11, 2003

a darker philippines

Hinirang received mail from Dion over at Wirehanger. It's always good to hear from fellow creatives and authors who visit our little corner online.

Dion has devoted a lot of time creating interesting Philippine-based content for Ravenloft (for you non RPG people out there, Ravenloft is one of the settings of AD&D that is features vampires and other undead, very gothic, very moody).

Check out his takes on the Katipunan, the Aswang and Igid Rabi-i (an Ilocos-based Ravenloft domain).

Dion lives and writes in Baguio City, the always-cool Summer Capital. I'd like to visit again but you know how much I actively despise the hours spent on the road, every fraction of a second mindnumbingly boring (in fact, the last time I went there, I took a plane and had quite a thrill because of Baguio City's very short airstrip).


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