Sunday, March 23, 2003

pinoy comics scene

Something exciting is in the works for the upcoming issue of Marco Dimaano's Angel Ace. Of course, its too early to state anything explicitly, but the very notion of how things are envisioned to play out has me wearing my best Chesire Cat grin. Stay tuned to Stark Raving Mad for news from Angela's creator.

Grafic, the official comic magazine of the Comic Collective is also new this week, and it promises to be an interesting read by new comic creator voices. Check out best viewed with eyes wide open for details - tell El I sent you. (Hey El! You better hold me a copy!)

Carlo Vergara's concluding issue of the first storyline of Ang Kagilagilalas Na Pakikipagsapalaran ni Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah is in its final stages of completion. Expect it faster than you can swallow an alien stone. Head on over to The Carver's House for more details. Also, Carl's next book has the most fascinating premise - but you won't hear squat from me. Not yet.

Nikki Alfar is also doing something hush-hush for Mango Comics, the publishers of Darna. It's so secret that I can't breathe a word for fear of incurring wifely wrath. Soon though, you can look out for promotions, in the Massive Mango Manner.

Also, the second issue of TXTMen published by Psicom with Dynatica Comics will hit the stands sometime before I turn blue. My vested interest? Well apart from the fact that my wife wrote it, I translated her script for the first few issues from English to Filipino. Buy it, read it, send me a scathing letter regarding abuse of language. I can use a good laugh.

And speaking of Mango Comics, I understand that the second issue of Darna will be slightly delayed but is, of course, coming out. This book has generated controversy and buzz among the local Filipino comics folk, with opinions ranging to extremes. Pick it up and judge for yourself.


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