Thursday, March 20, 2003

war begins

After my little workout, I rushed to find a cab to take to work (before whizzing to Makati for another business meeting). The cabbie's radio was attuned to one of the numerous AM stations, anxiously awaiting the end of the 48-hour ultimatum for Iraq (which would occur at 9AM, Manila-time). My cabbie and I agreed that it was a deplorable occurance, an opinion shared by many people I've spoken to.

The deadline came and went with me in another car and war was briefly forgotten as a put on my consultant cap to help implement an established technology company's strategy. After the meeting, Marc and I talked about the moral right and other similar issues - as well as the nature of truth and hypocrisy vis-a-vis America's actions. I am not anti-American but am deeply shaken by the thought of an inevitable "morally right" war.

I am not particularly proud to be Filipino right now, since the Philippines is one of the "Coalition of the Unwilling-to-be-identified".

So right now, traffic to news sites like CNN or even Google News is very heavy, as people all over the world wait to see how things go.

Let it end.


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