Thursday, March 20, 2003

work of the devil

I have never loved my phone as much as I love it today. This phone (which I call my "Arabian Wife" for reasons known only to me and my non-Arabian wife) was Nikki's birthday gift to me this year, and for the past couple of months has only been used for calling or SMS (better known as "texting" over here in Manila, the SMS Capital of the World). It, of course, had a plethora of other thingies it could do (like Bluetooth, etc.), but being the ignorant savage that I am, I simply ignored it.

Until today.

Today one of my new staff members, Kris (who has the same phone) showed me how to use the WAP feature. In mere instants I was surfing the internet for free - on my phone. I went to Google, searched for my blog and to my delight was able to read it. Work of the devil!

Suddenly, my head is awash with services and promos I can create and position for our clients, veering away from the tired old vanilla SMS. The synergy between the web and MMS may be old news to you techies out there, but it's news to me - and the new wave of Filipinos experiencing these kinds of options for the very first time. Actually, its not exactly true that I didn't know about it (my company is designing stuff for a pair of clients within this realm), but it never truly excited me until now. After all, my company is not a technology company - not by the longest of long shots.

I've always consciously expressed ennui about technology - the very notion of its coldness and distance from "warm" things is the greatest hindrance to my going gaga over it. But today all I can do is happily use my phone - knowing that there is simply a world of possibilties for me as a user and as a businessman.

So pardon my while I play with myself. I mean, with my phone.


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