Wednesday, April 02, 2003

jason and april fool's

Yesterday, I almost choked to death with laughter when I went over to Jason's and found that his entire blog template had been inadvertently replaced by a stunningly girly-girly template - A Stitch In Time. Apparently, Blogger has some issues with unwanted switching.

Everything is normalized now (Jason fixed it himself) but my God, you should have seen it - it was just so unexpectely freaky to see this really nice template with a certain country charm that suddenly had Maros from Baylans smack dab in the middle. It was so profoundly out of character in terms of taste and sensibility (though I actually liked the lady's blog - I'd come across it earlier when I was looking for blinkies).

It was as if I met up with Jason in the real world and he came in a pastel frilly granny dress and a sunhat.



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