Thursday, May 22, 2003


if you would love me understand
it is not the snakes that will hurt
you (they do not bite despite their
appearance, they are harmless
only hair with eyes and serpent
) but my eyes that have
seen only bitterness - I can
only share what I know

if you would touch me understand
that my skin is forever smooth
flesh (a trait shared with my
immortal sisters, both of them
alive only in the memory of words
set down
) and when your hands
feel nothing but hardness, it is
because they’ve become stone

if you would leave me understand
I’d prefer you spend one more
evening (echoes become poor
company though I’ve become
adept at freezing time
) but go
if you must, leave without
farewells, with your eyes
on the object in the mirror

I promise you
I will understand


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