Monday, May 05, 2003


It's past 3AM and I'm still awake. It's impossible to sleep. The aircon is dead and the humidity is intense.

Just sitting here, typing away to relieve my frustration at not being able to doze off, I am already drenched in sweat. I have a towel beside me.

There was a time I preferred heat to cold. But now, as I make plans to go to the ref to rehydrate myself yet again, I'd kill for a winter blast.

It's hard to think because it's hard to breathe. Sweat drips into my eyes and I feel more trickling down my back. Gah.

I cannot write anything of value - everything goes back to the infernal reality of my situation.

If ever I do fall asleep, I;ll probably wake up dessicated, like vacuum-packed dried fish in a grocery store in Ghana.


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