Tuesday, June 10, 2003

sage and max

I took Sage to see her paternal grandmother and my little girl was so enamored by Max.

Remember him? He's the purebreed something that is more expensive than my entire year's rent (gah, I can't remember the breed, but its the one that you put reindeer horns on during winter).

Anyway, Sage was first greeted by all the other yapping dogs. She responded by barking at them, imitating their own growls and yelps. Later, while walking around, she was approached by Max. Her eyes lit up and she tried to pet him, hold him, hug him and step on him - all at the same time. Max responded by politely licking her hand, which made her shriek with delight (and made me go looking for alcohol).

When she is older and if wherever we're living permits I'll get her a dog. Or a pony.


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